Friday, February 27, 2015

I have moved in!

Gosh! Time flies by so fast! And again I didn't have enough time to even blog. I know I know... I have few pending posts since long long long ago. I will try to update as much as I can!

As for the house, after a really hectic month, I have finally moved in! Well, it was not 100% completed as how I imagined it yet... with few pieces of furniture delayed, 2 new doors to be painted...yada yada~~... As of today, I would say it is probably 98% completed! I am left with the wallpaper to be pasted and probably few small things here and there. Anyway,...


 This is my living room! 
Well, it was still quite messy when I took this pic and my display items weren't arranged properly yet.
Now it is much better with the coffee table FINALLY here!

 Next is the dining hall. I love arts and I really visioned my home to at least have a wall of artworks displayed! So here it is! 

I was mesmerized with the butterfly mosaic artwork at one of the fair held in Great Eastern Mall. I didn't get a close up pic of it so can't share with you guys!

The top right frame in the pic is a gift from a very dear friend.

She bought the mask from her Europe trip for our wedding gift + moving to new house gift!
The frame was bought from Ikea which she then ensemble the whole thing as in the pic.
I was really grateful and felt so touched because not only she had me in her mind when she was touring Europe, but she has the heart to go the extra mile and frame it nicely.
I love this gift so much and will treasure it always.
Thank you very much my dear friend!

Last pic for now, the front door we ordered. It was ordered unfinished because we thought painting ourselves will save us couple of hundreds... and so we paint 2 doors! (Had to paint the same color as per original developer's color)...

I would love to post more photos but somehow can't seem to get it out of my phone!
Shall try again soon.

And *poof*~!...
Hopefully I won't be gone too long again... haha!
Thx for reading and Happy Chinese New Year!

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