Friday, February 27, 2015

I have moved in!

Gosh! Time flies by so fast! And again I didn't have enough time to even blog. I know I know... I have few pending posts since long long long ago. I will try to update as much as I can!

As for the house, after a really hectic month, I have finally moved in! Well, it was not 100% completed as how I imagined it yet... with few pieces of furniture delayed, 2 new doors to be painted...yada yada~~... As of today, I would say it is probably 98% completed! I am left with the wallpaper to be pasted and probably few small things here and there. Anyway,...


 This is my living room! 
Well, it was still quite messy when I took this pic and my display items weren't arranged properly yet.
Now it is much better with the coffee table FINALLY here!

 Next is the dining hall. I love arts and I really visioned my home to at least have a wall of artworks displayed! So here it is! 

I was mesmerized with the butterfly mosaic artwork at one of the fair held in Great Eastern Mall. I didn't get a close up pic of it so can't share with you guys!

The top right frame in the pic is a gift from a very dear friend.

She bought the mask from her Europe trip for our wedding gift + moving to new house gift!
The frame was bought from Ikea which she then ensemble the whole thing as in the pic.
I was really grateful and felt so touched because not only she had me in her mind when she was touring Europe, but she has the heart to go the extra mile and frame it nicely.
I love this gift so much and will treasure it always.
Thank you very much my dear friend!

Last pic for now, the front door we ordered. It was ordered unfinished because we thought painting ourselves will save us couple of hundreds... and so we paint 2 doors! (Had to paint the same color as per original developer's color)...

I would love to post more photos but somehow can't seem to get it out of my phone!
Shall try again soon.

And *poof*~!...
Hopefully I won't be gone too long again... haha!
Thx for reading and Happy Chinese New Year!

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

House shopping spree almost complete~!

Yes! I have almost bought everything important that I need in the house!


Now I am only left with my TV cabinet. And some parts and pieces for my common place upstairs. That I think can be postponed while I focus my $$$ on important things first.

For those who are preparing for a new home, better have some cash on the go! Things like appliances can opt for easypay or installments, but furnitures and renovations - you will need the cash up front. Among the big items that you need to focus your money on would be:
1) Plaster ceiling
2) House's door and windows grills
3) Kitchen cabinet
4) Important furnitures (excluding the decorative or less use furniture first for future budget...or unless if you have no budget, then by all means go ahead!)
5) Electrical items (Fridge, washing machine, dryer if needed, air conditioner, water heaters, lightings and fans)
5) Alarm system
6) Wireman for lightings and plumber to adjust the piping outlets
7) Built in wardrobe/make up table *optional
8) Built in divider *optional
and so on...

It has been a hectic month for me to hunt for all of those things! I started hunting and buying early of May 2014. As of today early June 2014, I only have TV cabinet left to purchase. Lucky me for all those Expos held in May! I shall share my findings next!

Stay tuned!

Thursday, May 22, 2014


I bought a LED TV on Rakuten online this morning at work! Yup! How days have changed! Mum, I bought my TV online!!! ^^

I got a notification a week ago on a Samsung 32" LED TV in Rakuten going for sale. I was eager to buy it then but to my astonishment, the Ädd to Cart" button could not be pressed and was grayed. So I thought it was probably sold out.

Yesterday, early in the morning...I received an email on the Samsung 32" LED TV offer! I quickly clicked on it and purchased it on the spot! I was lucky as I was the first 2 person. It is only limited to 10 person with only one per customer.

Oh wait... have I not mentioned the price yet? Oh silly me... hehe... The price marked there was RM599.40! Apparently I have 3 credit in Rakuten, thus I got my LED TV for RM596.40! How AWESOME is that?!??

The TV model is SAM-UA32EH4005. I found an older version which is exactly Samsung 32" LED TV 4003 in Jusco selling for RM750-800!

So gotta thank Rakuten for the TV! And this TV has 2 years warranty on it (1 year manufacturing warranty and 1 year Senheng PlusOne warranty)! This TV will fit perfectly in my master room! Or maybe perhaps in common room? Shall see where should I put it soon!

Some general specification of this TV:

  • SAM-UA32EH4005
  • 32 inch LED TV.
  • Resolution:1366 x 768.
  • Wide Color Enhancer Plus.
  • Digital Noise Filter:Clear Motion Rate:50Hz.
  • 1x HDMI.
  • 1x USB(Movie)

Our first home!

And here we thought we would not be getting our house key in time! And the developer would have to borne the bank's interest...but we received the letter to collect our keys right on the dateline. Oh well, you win some you lose some. At least now WE'VE GOTTEN OUR KEYS~!! WOOHOOO~~!!

So freakingly excited! We had to go through quite a hurdle for the key. We were asked to clear any outstanding amount with the developer. Each time I called the person in charge, she was always not there to answer. I swear I called her like several times each day! She only answered my call like 1 or 2 times.

But anyway, when I checked with her, she said our bank had not released the final payment yet so we were not allowed to collect our keys yet. But on the contrary, we received letters from our bank stated that the payment has been resolved.

So we just went down to the developer's office to clear things up. On the spot we settled any outstanding payment. The lady in-charge kept telling us that they have not received the payment. I have no idea what is going on whether their system is not being updated or someone missed out the payment record.

We called the bank to double confirm on the payment and to get the details of the transaction. Ding dong ding dong~... apparently the transaction did go through!Thank goodness or else we wouldn't be able to get our keys that day! Someone must have overlooked that matter!

So here we were, all happy and couldn't wait to go see our house. That was when we were informed that we had to give a 3 days notifications before taking our keys. I was like "WHAT?!?"...and I have been calling you guys for countless of times and you did not inform me about that, nor was it written on the notification letter.

So the lady helped us and talked to their customer service. The lady in customer service came and told us we were supposed to give a 3 days notification. I explained to her that I contacted their person in charge a week ago and they kept insisting my bank had not disbursed the money. When I was there on the spot only they realized I was right. And I was not notified to give a 3 days notice. So luckily they managed to give us on the spot and also somehow managed to let us view the house and sign the handover.

Fuhh~!! So lengthy!

Anyway, here's a picture of us and our very first home!

I swore we never coordinate our clothes until later on only I noticed we were wearing the exact same colour! Hahaha...feeling all compatible and loved~~ =P

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Honeymoon Part 1

Well, it's been awhile since I've last updated. I've yet to update about my wedding here. But let's just jump straight to honeymoon first! I'll blog about my wedding...some time soon! XD

My original plan was to go Europe for honeymoon. But since my wedding is on December, it will be winter so that ain't much fun! Thus, I've listed a few other options. But after comparing, I still chose to go to Maldives.

The reason being is that it is a place of relaxation without any disturbance from the busy daily world... and a peace of mind just appreciating mother nature's beauty. Also for my husband to get a time off from work! Hehe... (the most he could do is just check his email using his handphone when we're at the lobby) ;)

It was definitely true when we say Maldives is like Heaven on Earth. I'm sure there are so many more places that is just as heavenly but this is a really awesome place! Crystal clear water, white sandy beaches and so many fishes! Such a tranquil place! If you're a couple and just want to spend some time off with each other without any disturbances, I'd say this is the place for you!

My wedding was in December 2013, and so I thought I would go to Maldives right after the wedding.But since Xmas is near, the prices are just so expensive! There are compulsory Xmas eve and Xmas(2 days) buffet dinner that you have to pay for which is about RM200-400/head per day depending on the resort.

So I changed my target date to end of Feb 2014, which is after New Year and Valentine's Day! Also the public holidays in Europe apparently coincide on those months too, hence fully booked really really FAST!
I managed to book on 25 Feb 2014 - 2 March 2014.

I was really lucky to get the air flight and resort at a reasonable price. Took me a week or two to find the perfect resort that has really awesome rooms, beautiful fishes, nice corals, good service and good food at a reasonable price. It took me 6-8 hours daily to read reviews and compare. But finally, I found a really good resort and the price fits our budget perfectly. Not to mentioned, Airasia also has promotion to Maldives at that time! If you're wondering about this awesome resort I'm talking about, it's called Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo Resort.

At first I used Expedia to check on both flight and resort prices, it was cheaper that way but staying continuously 6 days 5 nights really burns a hole in our pocket! So I had to get them separately so that I can arrange to stay at the resort for 5 days 4 nights and the other night just stay a night at a cheaper hotel in Male. Male is the town nearest to the airport. Probably take 5-10 mins on a ferry to go over.

So below are the prices for my flight and resort:

Flights (To & Fro)
2 Guests(with tax) = RM1622.00
2 AA Insurance = RM68.00
4 x Check in luggage (20kg each) = RM 0.00 (apparently FOC for Maldives flight!)
1 x Direct debit processing fee = RM4.00
2 x Skybus = RM30.80
Total = RM1724.80 (suprisingly Airasia gave free meals on board too!)

Chaaya Reef Ellaidhoo Resort (5 days 4 nights) - Water bungalow (it's just awesome staying above water!)
Fullboard (Means 3 meals/day but during lunch and dinner does not include drinks)
Rate per night = RM1618.02
Taxes & Fees = RM723.80
Total = RM7195.88

Total spent for flight and resort = RM 8920.68

For me, RM 9000 was okay for Maldives. It's considered quite cheap really. But of course, there are some other things which was not included. We still have to pay for the airport transfer to the resort, drinks during lunch or dinner, souvenirs, mini bars, snorkeling equipment rentals etc.

I'll continue in Part 2. ^^

At the mean time, some photos!

This pic was not edited at all! Except the part I put the initials... hehe

 That's a seaplane...And that is what we are gonna ride to our resort!
We only took one way and the other to come back by speedboat.
The seaplane per person (to and fro) cost USD447! I guess it depends on which resort.
That's pretty expensive! (At least for me! TT_TT)
But it was an awesome experience to fly in it. It only took us 25 minutes to reach my resort.

 The newlyweds now ready to take off for their honeymoon!! <3 p="">

 Some really nice views from up the sky

 This is a really nice island!
Most of Maldives island appear to be light bluish-white due to the sand, and suddenly became really dark blue outside. This is because the land goes down almost 90 degree deep down! Nothing like a normal beach! So it is very dangerous if one does not swim, please refrain from swimming out to the deep sea.

Last picture for now~! Time to sleep now.
Will post more info soon.

Thursday, August 01, 2013

Farewell gathering

Had a fabulous dinner with awesome ladies yesterday!

Time passes by so quickly. I didn't even notice that it's been a year already that I've been hanging out with them.

They taught me so much in various things. I've learnt a lot from all our hanging out sessions. Gonna be missing them so much!

Thank you guys for everything! You make me realize so many things you'd never imagine could have helped me.

I seriously have not met ppl like you guys.And thank you for making me feel so welcome even from the first day I met you all.

Toss to our friendship! May more awesome meetings to come!

Also including you other two, who didn't managed to join. =) ♥

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pre-wedding shoot #1

Hello! It's been quite some time since I last posted! Just had my first pre-wedding shoot last Sunday. Even though it's supposed to be half day, we ended up shooting almost whole day!

Of course, it's very tiring!

More updates on the details next entry!

Here's something that was taken using my hp.

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Wednesday, May 29, 2013



Free chocolate!

First time trying Godiva. I was shocked when I got the package itself!

Anyway thank you!!!


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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Am very very super duper satisfied with my manicure!

Looks freaking awesome! And it only costs me RM15. Got it off from Groupon.

It was a Russian lady who drew those patterns. Only took her few minutes to do that. The drawing technique is pretty similar to the Chinese calligrapher where they use small square cardboards to draw names. She uses a square brush.

If you are wondering where is this place, it's nearby Subang Asia Cafe. Same row as Mc Donald. The name of the shop is Artistic Snova Beauty. Located on first floor.

I'm definitely going back there for more! Just signed myself a package. ;)

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Friday, April 19, 2013

Sandal SOS!!!

Missing my sandal!

Bought this is Vietnam. Got it for like USD 13.

Of course I was attracted to the striking pink color and beads. Something different from the local market here.

Wore it on the first day back to Malaysia. Unfortunately one of the beads fell off! And I didn't noticed it until I boarded the airplane. Shucksss... now it's missing one strand of the beads.

Asked mom's expertise to fix it. Hehe... Just to secure the thread so that no more beads will get lost!

Can't wait to get it back this coming May!

Tq Mom! You're the best!

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Saturday, April 13, 2013


Bought these awesome covers at PC Fair!

All original Hallmark and Ozaki covers.

Buy 1 for RM19 and buy 3 for RM25. Good marketing.

Any sane people will obviously take 3 since there's not much difference in price. Oh wait, I think even insane people will still get the 3 since it's more worth it!

Very cheap!

Bought it at a stall in Hall 5. Around the center of the Hall. Quite near to the redemption counter.

Head there now! The fair ends tomorrow!

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